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Information Communication Technology


Computer Technology has grown over the last decades into something we can all use in our day to day activities. The technology has  brought the world closer through tools and channels like weblogs, podcasts and video conferencing and all of which this post is mostly about.


A blog is a website owned and usually maintained by an individual, the individual leaves regular updates describing events and status. A blog could serve as a personal diary where updates about personal happening and activities are posted for others to comment on in an interactive manner, it usually contains video, podcasts and images. Blog is a combination of the two words ‘web and log and the act of posting on a blog or commenting on it are known as blog or blogging. Blogs are differentiated based on the types of content that are posted on them and there are many types of blogs, examples include:  Vlogs, personal blogs, corporate, organizational blogs and many others. There are many blog spots available on the internet and common ones that you might know are Twitter, Facebook blog spot, Sturvs and How The World Sees America


Although all weblogs use texts and writing as their primary medium of communication, some blogs also use other forms like video and audio recordings.

Video web logging also use texts as supports to get their messages across, it functions like an internet television. People who video log post videos about their travel experiences , videos to discuss some topics and people also comment or reply to video posts with videos. An example of a video blog is the popular YouTube.


A podcast is a distribution of media files (could be audio or video), these files are episodically distributed on the internet and could be downloaded into a media player system (either a computer, a PSP or an iPod).

The name podcast is a combination of the two names, iPod and broadcasting. Podcast are usually available through web syndication using  podcatchers like iTunes and Zune. Podcasts could also be downloaded using RSS (really simple syndication).


Also called video teleconference, is a type of telecommunication technology that allows individuals in different locations to communicate via a multiple or two way audio and video system. This technology helps people from different locations communicate as conferencing.

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