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A beginners shared experience on learning marketing.

It has been almost a year since I was first introduced into marketing, on my Introduction to Marketing Unit at college.

I still remember how many people complained about the complexity of the unit among all other business units within the course. The amount of research that it required, amount of detail records it demanded, the very vague answers achieved from researching online and with only a few weeks left to deliver a complete 30 – 40 page unit on Marketing techniques implemented by Apple and Nike.

I had been lacking behind in my work due to external influences and the difficulty of the unit gave me even more excuse to procrastinate the amount of work to be done. Long story short, at the end, I had a shed load of work to do with little time. This was the beginning of my genuine interest and increasing curiosity for marketing as I was in a race against time to meet the deadlines for the unit.

Recently, during my summer holidays, I sought out to look for a short marketing course, as an aspiring tech entrepreneur and regular business magazine reader I have come to understand the importance of marketing to the growth of a business startup, something I believe every business startup owner or aspiring business owners should put into place before launching their business On/Offline.

For a beginner with no formal marketing degree, the thought of this could arouse a lot of confusion, as we do not even know where to start with it. It is one thing reading about marketing on a magazine and it is another understanding the advice provided and applying them to a case or a real situation

A good way to start will be to getting started, after all, the key to getting ahead is getting started. Go online, subscribe to good online business resource centers like Entrepreneur.com and Inc.com, read posts that are relevant to your needs/questions(‘trust me, there’s quite a lot of useful stuffs there’), search for books that could potentially answer the perplexing questions that you have(‘ a good place to start could be Amazon’), Philip kotler and Gary Armstrong seem to be very prominent names in the marketing world, so you might want to look into their books, but do not ignore other writers as anything would be of help in your journey to getting into the marketing mindset. Also, look into any resource on SEO and other Internet Marketing techniques as I have come to understand are major players in today’s marketing world(no good business should do without them).

I would also recommend taking online courses on marketing and maybe getting certified, so you could get that genuine feeling of being a marketer( ‘ A certificate would do that for you’). There are many free online institutions that can help you with this, such as Allison.com and Businessballs.com.

Finally, you could try implementing some of the things you learn About marketing on the resources I gave above, it is never too early, now would be a good time and I am doing just that.

The key to getting ahead is getting started, dip your legs into the water long enough,you might just fall into it and in this case that would be a good thing, Right?.

By the way, I ended up completing a 30 page detailed report on marketing and over the course of this, started to really like it and even though I didnt get all the grades, as I didn’t meet all deadlines, I got introduced into something I came to like and knew would really be of use to me in the later.

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I'm a 20 year old student who loves to share ideas and thought about topics that I am passionate about - Technology, Business, Art & Crafts, Literature, E.T.C.


4 thoughts on “A beginners shared experience on learning marketing.

  1. Interesting read, candid insight on todays evolving marketing domain. Thanks murfie for sharing this.

    Posted by Zaynab | November 15, 2011, 9:51 am
  2. Interesting Post , Many thanks. Staying in North of Scotland it’s great to stumble upon a useful websitelike yours, especially with goodentries like the one above. Many thanks and keep up the great work.

    Posted by self employment | December 5, 2011, 9:15 pm


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