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SEO techniques for Internet Marketing beginners.

SEO techniques for Internet marketing beginners, This would be a continuation to my previous post ” A beginner’s shared experience on Learning marketing “. Over the past week, I have made advances towards developing my skills as an Internet Marketing expert. The Internet is full of information, with many articles and tutorials providing advice on … Continue reading

A beginners shared experience on learning marketing.

It has been almost a year since I was first introduced into marketing, on my Introduction to Marketing Unit at college. I still remember how many people complained about the complexity of the unit among all other business units within the course. The amount of research that it required, amount of detail records it demanded, … Continue reading


Computer Technology has grown over the last decades into something we can all use in our day to day activities. The technology has  brought the world closer through tools and channels like weblogs, podcasts and video conferencing and all of which this post is mostly about. BLOGS A blog is a website owned and usually maintained … Continue reading